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Geoadria, Vol.5 No.1 June 2000.

Original scientific paper

Population Distribution in the Republic of Croatia - a Part of General Demographic and Socio-Economic Processes

Ivo Nejašmić
Aleksandar Toskić

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Nejašmić, I., Toskić, A. (2000). Razmještaj stanovništva u Republici Hrvatskoj - dio općih demogrfskih i društveno-gospodarskih procesa. Geoadria, 5(1), 93-104. Retrieved from

The paper deals with the population distribution in the Republic of Croatia as a part of general demographic and socio-economic conditions and processes. The present-day population distribution in Croatia has turned out to be unfavourable. The whole regions are underpopulated and exposed to depopulation, the rural areas are almost emptied, the population is condensed around the small number of central places, etc. Besides, the trends are unfavourable: many densely populated and over-populated regions record a further increase of the population number, while the underpopulated ones are exposed to a constant depopulation.

Croatia; population distribution; population density; uneven population density

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