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Geoadria, Vol.3 No.1 Lipanj 1998.

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The Demographic Situation in Croatia

Snježana Mrđen
Mladen Friganović

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Mrđen, S., Friganović, M. (1998). The Demographic Situation in Croatia. Geoadria, 3(1), 29-56. Preuzeto s

In the paper authors discuss demographic features in Croatia since the half of the 19th century till 1996, paying a special attention to the period since early fifties onwards. Beside the population migration, vital statistic, projections and population development program have been analysed. It is possible to compare Croatia with some European countries using tabelar views.

Ključne riječi
history of statistics; nationalities; fertility; extramarital births; nuptiality; divorciality; mortality; migrations; age and senescence of population; population density; population projections; population politics

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