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Histria antiqua, Vol.21 No.21 Kolovoz 2012.

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Possible Maritime Connections of Early Christian Salona

Emilio MARIN ; Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište Odjel za povijest Ilica 242, Zagreb

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (633 KB) str. 123-128 preuzimanja: 375* citiraj
MARIN, E. (2012). Moguće pomorske komunikacije starokršćanske Salone. Histria antiqua, 21(21), 123-128. Preuzeto s

Based upon a whole corpus of inscriptions from Salona between the 4th and 7th centuries, it can be concluded
that many individuals in Salona were foreigners who had moved there, and who then lived and died in the town.
Based upon this insight into their origins and the communications that existed, it can be assumed that there were
direct or indirect maritime contacts whose final destination was Salona. This can be related to monuments from
the time found in the town. These were surely transported by sea to be used as decorations on certain edifices. The
Justinian route along the eastern Adriatic coast from the 6th century survived the end of Antiquity.

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