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Colloquia Maruliana ..., Vol.3 Travanj 1994.

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On Marulić's Phraseology

Milan Moguš

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In the rich and varied literature on Marulić‚s Croatian works, those discussing his language are comparatively rare, while the problem of his phraseology is almost completely neglected. The reason is that any serious study in the matter would require the existence of complete vocabularies of every single Croatian work by Marulić, including its phraseology. The author of the present article has produced the complete vocabularies
of three works of Marulić, published so far in his Complete Works: Judita (Judith), Od naslidovanja Isukartova (On the Imitation of Christ) and Pisni razlike (Various Poems).
The present work discusses mainly the phraseology of the poem Judita, in which Marulić‚s language appears quite difficult for reading. The reason lies in his doubly rhymed dodecasyllabic verse, whose demanding structure often compelled the poet to coin unusual expressions and structures. By looking up single lexical items, appearing in the poem, in this special vocabulary, Marulić‚s language becomes much more familiar to the modern reader. Indeed, the author claims that even today the semantic meaning of two thirds of Marulić‚s words are transparent. The same may be said of his phraseology.
Marulić‚s phrases are largely verbal, which means that they include obligatory verb component. Yet, a majority of the used verbs are non-lexical and require complement to make a full phrase. The absolutely most frequent structures are: verb+noun and verb+preposition+noun. Verb+adverb combination is less often, while verb+verb is the rarest. The study brings forth numerous examples of different types of phrases.

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