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Colloquia Maruliana ..., Vol.3 Travanj 1994.

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The Firs Theatrical Judith

Antonija Bogner- Šaban

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Marulić‚s poem Judith saw several stage adaptations. It was first done for the Osijek stage, in 1935. In 1940 Marko Fotez adapted the poem on the occasion of the solemn opening of the Croatian National Theater in Split. In 1979 the Judith had its third production. This time it was dramatized by Tonko Maroević, directed by Marin Carić and staged at the Split Summer Festival. The same authors produced a puppet version of the piece, staged in Zadar in 1991.
The author of the first Osijek dramatization of the Judith (the production of 1935) was Zora Vuksan-Barlović (1887-1935), the first Croatian professional woman-director. First a very successful actress in Zagreb, she continued her training in Vienna, Berlin (Max Reinhardt) and Paris. She was active in Osijek between 1916 and 1935.
It is difficult to explain what motivated her to choose the Judith for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of her theatrical activity. However, it is indicative that she picked out those sections of the poem whose content and dramatic quality fitted into the structure of Greek tragedy. Her production of the Judith gave the Croatian theater one of its very few heroines, bearers of national aspirations.

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