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Believing that Jesus is I–am (John 8:24)

Pero Vidović   ORCID icon ; Faculty of Philosophy of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Vidović, P. (2013). Vjerovati da je Isus Ja–jesam (Iv 8,24). Obnovljeni Život, 68. (2.), 181-199. Preuzeto s
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Vidović, Pero. "Vjerovati da je Isus Ja–jesam (Iv 8,24)." Obnovljeni Život, vol. 68., br. 2., 2013, str. 181-199. Citirano 31.10.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Vidović, Pero. "Vjerovati da je Isus Ja–jesam (Iv 8,24)." Obnovljeni Život 68., br. 2. (2013): 181-199.
Vidović, P. (2013). 'Vjerovati da je Isus Ja–jesam (Iv 8,24)', Obnovljeni Život, 68.(2.), str. 181-199. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 31.10.2020.)
Vidović P. Vjerovati da je Isus Ja–jesam (Iv 8,24). Obnovljeni Život [Internet]. 2013 [pristupljeno 31.10.2020.];68.(2.):181-199. Dostupno na:
P. Vidović, "Vjerovati da je Isus Ja–jesam (Iv 8,24)", Obnovljeni Život, vol.68., br. 2., str. 181-199, 2013. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 31.10.2020.]

In his enquiry into Jesus’ I–am as the object of faith (John 8:24) the author approaches the biblical text synchronically. However, he offers two diachronic notes on the topic as well. Jesus’ presentation of Himself as the I–am is accompanied by attitudes ranging from adoration (John 18:6; Matt 14:33) to his death sentence (Mark 14:64). The author considers that the context of John 8:24 (John 8:21–59; cf. vv. 28.58) is a Christological pesher, a midrashic actualisation of the texts from Second Isaiah where God’s name, when revealing Himself, is I–am (LXX: Isa 41:4; 43:10.25...) which is the nomen sacrum for the God of the Exile. Theologically, not etymologically, Jesus’ I–am is related also to God’s name of the Exodus (Ex 3:14). By means of the texts containing Jesus’ I–am (John 8:24; cf. vv. 28.58; 13:19) John develops his Christology of the Word of God. Already from the Gospel Prologue the reader knows that Jesus is the Logos, the Word of God incarnate (cf. 1:1.14), while the texts containing I–am sayings allow the Evangelist to give the reader the opportunity, one might say, to »hear« directly, in the first person, the Word of God itself. When Jesus speaks (and acts), it is God speaking (and acting), and not as before, to the Hebrews only (cf. Exodus) or solely to the captives (cf. Exile). It is in Jesus, who is the bearer of God’s name, I–am, that God reveals Himself as the Saviour of every human being, of the whole world (cf. John 4:42). According to John’s Gospel, therefore, everyone who believes in this identity of Jesus will be saved: he shall live (cf. John 8:24).

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Jesus’ I–am; faith; life; death; God’s name; God’s self–revelation; Exodus; Exile; nomen sacrum; the Word of God; high Christology

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