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Prosthodontics in the Third Millenium

B. Owall

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The current trends in Prosthodntics will doubtless continue to develop. Can these trends, as regards central areas of prosthodontics, then be identified as community aspects, biological apects, biomechanical aspects and quality of life aspects? We can consider Prosthodontics in a micro perspective- the treatment of the individual patient or oral cavity or in a macro perspective - the use of prosthodontics on a population basis, or even on a global basis. Can we expect the developing countries to catch up with the
industrialised countries, and can we expect the highly developed countries to have less need of prosthodontic services during the new millenium just started? Many other questions can be raised when we try to look into the future:
• Will the speciality of Prosthodontics develop and be approved in more countries, and will the need for these specialists increase or decrease?
• Will the character of Prosthodontics as an academic
discipline change?
• Will EPA still be an important society in the future?
• Will mankind survive the next millenium shift in 1000 years’ time?
We can dream about the far future, but perhaps it is wiser to be realistic and only try to make forecasts for the next few decades - which seems difficult enough in itself. Are there any high mountains to climb or deep ravines to cross before we meet again in Geneva in September 2003?

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