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Review article

Hip arthroscopy

Tomislav Prpić ; Klinika za ortopediju Lovran, Lovran
Ivan Rakovac ; Klinika za ortopediju Lovran, Lovran
Željko Butorac ; Klinika za ortopediju Lovran, Lovran
Sandra Velčić Brumnjak ; Klinika za ortopediju Lovran, Lovran
Aleksandra Šurdonja ; Klinika za ortopediju Lovran, Lovran
Luka Širola ; Klinika za ortopediju Lovran, Lovran

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T. Prpić, I. Rakovac, Ž. Butorac, S. Velčić Brumnjak, A. Šurdonja and L. Širola, "Artroskopija kuka", Medicina Fluminensis, vol.49, no. 3, pp. 271-279, 2013. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 05 December 2021]

Hip arthroscopy is endoscopic method of minimally invasive hip joint treatment.
Due to anatomic properties of the hip and technical complexity of technique itself, hip artrhroscopy
is not popular as knee or shoulder arthroscopy so far. After recognition of femoroacetabular
impingement as prearthrosis, minimally invasive operative treatment of such hip
represents large step forward in prevention of hip arthrosis. Beside femoroacetabular impingement;
acetabular labrum and articular cartilage laesions, loose bodies, ruptured ligamentum
teres, synovial disease, sepsis and status post total hip arthroscopy all represent
good indication for hip arthroscopy. Based on classification of arthoscopic compartments of
the hip, two surgical approaches have been developed, central compartment first or peripheral
compartment first. Compared to the knee and shoulder, hip arthroscopy is additionally
complicated by use of extension table and C-arm. However, it si possible to arthroscopically
remove bony apositions of both, femur and acetabulum, to remove loose bodies and treat ligamentum
teres or synovial membrane laesions. One can treat infection of hip joint and patologic
conditions post total hip arthroplasty. Hip arthroscopy has relativelly low complication
rate which can be even lower in case of good indication and adequate operative technique. In
practice, one should be equally skillful in diagnosis and treatment of pathoanatomic changes
in both compartments, with or without traction of the operated extremity. Ongoing tehnical
development and evidence based treatment options will further contribute to popularisation
of hip arthroscopy in orthopedic community.

arthroscopy; hip; surgical technique

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