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Current trends in whey utilization and disposal

T.A. Nickerson ; University of California, Department of Food Science and Technology, Davis Ca. 95616, U.S.A.
Ivica Vujičić ; Poljoprivredni fakultet, Trg Dositeja Obradovića 8, 21000 Novi Sad

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Nickerson TA, Vujičić I. Iskorištavanje i upotreba sirutke. Mljekarstvo [Internet]. 1977 [pristupljeno 06.05.2021.];27(7):146-151. Dostupno na:
T.A. Nickerson i I. Vujičić, "Iskorištavanje i upotreba sirutke", Mljekarstvo, vol.27, br. 7, str. 146-151, 1977. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 06.05.2021.]

Whey has been a neglected resource, but now is recognized for its nutritional and economic value. The quantity of whey has increased rapidly as world cheese output has increased over 25 % in the last decade. Antipollution laws will require more adequate utilization rather than merely disposal of whey. Specific problems of whey utilization as they relate to the Yugoslavia dairy situation are emphasized. Processing in condensed and dried products and their subsequent use in foods is discussed. Bakery products are currently the best outlet for edible whey in the U. S. and a variety of whey blends are available for this use. Large quantities of whey are also used in ice-cream, processed cheese and confectionery. Worldwide the utilization of whey in various types of animal feed is still extremely important. The paper emphasizes the need to develop a variety of uses rather than straying to find a single best solution to the whey problem.

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whey; utilization

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