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A contribution to understanding of the Iron Age walls of Asseria

Šime Perović ; The Museum of Ancient Glass, Zadar

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This article deals with new insights about the Iron Age fortification of Asseria. Excavations have been conducted at the position „Mala vrata“ within the eastern segment of the walls in urban part of the settlement during the past 15 years where a complex of constructions from Early Imperial and Late Antique horizon was excavated. During 2007 and 2009 on specific positions of the wider microlocation (in front of the Early Imperial eastern entrance to the city, at the foot of the stairway and within the room C in the building complex from the Early Principate period) two trial trenches were made which unearthed a segment of eastern fortification of the Liburnian hillfort. These remains of the Iron Age walls update information about size and growth of Asseria from the Liburnian hillfort to a Roman center and detect that the size of a prehistoric settlement is roughy corresponding to the one from early antiquity. On the basis of finds of fine red-figure pottery of Attic provenance as well as fragments of southern Italic production we can date possible formation of the Liburnian fortification to the period not before the 4th century BC.

Ključne riječi
Asseria; Liburnian walls; Iron Age defensive system; red-figure pottery; southern Italic pottery

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