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Politička misao : časopis za politologiju, Vol. 30 No. 1, 1993.

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National Security and the Defence of France

Siniša Tatalović ; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Tatalović, S. (1993). Nacionalna sigurnost i obrana Francuske. Politička misao, 30 (1), 102-118. Preuzeto s
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Tatalović, Siniša. "Nacionalna sigurnost i obrana Francuske." Politička misao, vol. 30, br. 1, 1993, str. 102-118. Citirano 25.03.2019.
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Tatalović, Siniša. "Nacionalna sigurnost i obrana Francuske." Politička misao 30, br. 1 (1993): 102-118.
Tatalović, S. (1993). 'Nacionalna sigurnost i obrana Francuske', Politička misao, 30(1), str. 102-118. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 25.03.2019.)
Tatalović S. Nacionalna sigurnost i obrana Francuske. Politička misao [Internet]. 1993 [pristupljeno 25.03.2019.];30(1):102-118. Dostupno na:
S. Tatalović, "Nacionalna sigurnost i obrana Francuske", Politička misao, vol.30, br. 1, str. 102-118, 1993. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.03.2019.]

Seen in its totality the defence system of France is enclosed within the NATO
pact. The French do not deny this and even stress it as a fact of essntial
significance because the mutual support and solidarity with allies in case of danger
and aggression is a maner of interest to all. An analysis of the French conception
of national security shows nevertheless that the stress is put upon independence,
especially where making decisions about the use of particular forces (the nuclear
ones especially) and the use of its territory by its allies is concerned. The French
cherish their alliance, but in ways which will allow them to decide about their
own destiny without having the obligation to accept common solutions and
decisions on the part of the organs of the NATO pact. This fact explains the
hightened interest for the study of the conception of national security and the
defence system of France and its specific features when compared to the defence
systems of other countries within NATO.

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