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Burnum, the roman army and the cult of Jupiter

Marko Sinobad

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Barnum is one of the most signifi cant ancient archaeological sites in
the area of Bukovica. It lies on the right bank of the River Krka, in the village of Ivoševci, close to Kistanje. It is a Roman legion camp built opposite an important prehistoric hill-fort close to the village of Puljani, where there has existed, since prehistoric times, a passage across the River Krka and from which the Roman Army could act, relatively quickly and effi ciently, upon the turbulent area of Delmati. In the vicinity of the legion camp two minor camps were erected, designed to accommodate ancillary military units. After the pacifi cation of the province, followed by the departure of the Roman legions, Barnum acquired the status of a municipality, with only the remaining ancillary units being stationed there. It was the signifi cant presence of military personnel that led to the subsequent popularity
of the state cults in Burnum, particularly that of Jupirter. After Salona, Mursa, and Siscia, Burnum represents the fourth locality in Croatia with respect to the number of altars dedicated to Jupiter. In the area of Barnum seventeen Jupiter’s altars, as well as monumental marble head pertaining to the statue of Jupiter, have been found.

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Burnum; the cult of Jupiter; cult monuments; Roman Army; Romanisation

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