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Starting Points for Feasible Urban Development

Srečko Pegan
Tihomir Jukić

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S. Pegan i T. Jukić, "Polazišta održivoga prostornog razvoja grada", Prostor, vol.9, br. 1(21), str. 49-54, 2001. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 23.07.2021.]

Environmental changes result from our lifestyle and from how we use our surroundings. All users must become aware of their ecological responsibility because we cannot expect all environmental problems to be solved by using technology. We should be deeply conscious of a new development, which is that we are now really capable of changing the natural order of things on Earth. International charters about the town are designed to improve urban living conditions, and especially to enhance the urban social and cultural atmosphere, public involvement in developmental planning, improving urban environmental quality, living and especially housing conditions. Town planners play a leading role in researching changes in the urban structure and in the functional and formal features of its development, and research should focus on the problems of feasible urban development, human rights, continuous planning, the simpler implementation of town plans with exhaustive research into and acquaintance with economic effects.

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town; feasible development; town planning

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