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Jesus the Educator

Cesare Bissoli ; Università Pontificia Salesiana, Rim, Italija

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The article deals with Jesus as educator. The author reminds us that Jesus is the true teacher, and portrays the basic characteristics of Jesus the educator. As can be seen in the Gospels, Jesus shows that education should equip a man for his entire life. That is why Jesus seeks from his disciples a free response. The goal of Jesus' formation is difficult and it is not easy to follow Him. Jesus' educational style is seen as a kind, integral and loyal commitment, and a crucial component is faith. Man is in need of education. In Jesus' education the greatest novelty is Jesus himself. For a better understanding of Jesus as teacher we must remember that people that encounter Jesus and what method is used in education. The man who wants to be brought up in Jesus' school is invited to independently investigate and acquire the essential truth of the Gospel: Jesus is the savior of man.

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Jesus the educator; Jesus the teacher; kindness; commitment; savior

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