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What is Cultural Animation?

Mario Pollo ; Università Pontificia Salesiana, Roma, Italia

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The word animation encompasses a variety of meanings. The article reminds us of the six existing models of animation in Italy. One of them is the model of cultural animation which can be applied in the school environment or in extracurricular activities. This is a lifestyle that promotes a way of life and how to deal with life. The formation focuses on the deep and genuine love of life. The anthropological foundation of this model is the fact that man is himself a mystery. By accepting God's revelation man realizes his person. The main task of man within this vaguely defined and open system is to develop your identity. The social culture is a kind of grammar of man’s project, while man remains a producer and consumer of meaning. Finally the article summarizes the goals and methods of cultural animation.

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cultural animation; lifestyle; way of life; love of life; man as a mystery; development of self

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