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Medicina Fluminensis : Medicina Fluminensis, Vol.49 No.4 Prosinac 2013.

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Reorganization of the out- of- hospital emergency medical services system in the Primorsko-goranska county

Biserka Grbčić-Mikuličić ; Zavod za hitnu medicinu Primorsko-goranske županije, Rijeka
Davor Vukobrat ; Zavod za hitnu medicinu Primorsko-goranske županije, Rijeka

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Grbčić-Mikuličić, B., Vukobrat, D. (2013). Reorganizacija izvanbolničke hitne medicinske službe u Primorsko-goranskoj županiji. Medicina Fluminensis : Medicina Fluminensis, 49(4), 432-436. Preuzeto s

Emergency Medical Services in the Republic of Croatia, as a significant segment of
health, had no development strategy, which led to uneven quality of emergency medical
care in both pre-hospital and hospital emergency medical services. EMS availability was
largely dependent on the organization of individual services and the population number.
There were different models of providing emergency medical care, equipment was mostly
outdated and uneven, and the use thereof as well, because there was no systematic training.
The reorganization has been launched to draft guidelines, algorithms, and standards of
emergency medicine to provide a more accessible and quality emergency care system at the
national level. Such a system will offer patients uniform, efficient, faster and better, emergency
medical service and will bring better working conditions for health care workers, better
opportunity for training, standardization of vehicles and equipment, procedure protocols.

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Croatia; out-of-hospital emergency medical services; reorganization

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