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Challenged to Christian witnessing. Muslims pray – the Church prays

Felix Körner ; Ankara, Turska

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F. Körner, "Izazvani na kršćansko svjedočenje", Kateheza, vol.30, br. 2, str. 129-136, 2008. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 03.12.2021.]

How does one explain Christianity to Muslims? Pater Körner, who lives in Turkey, supports the following idea: Since Christianity is the true and living history of Jesus Christ, it must be witnessed as membership to the Body of Christ. Witnessing occurs through experience in three ways: (a) by speaking of ones faith experience, (b) in accepting ones own shortcomings and weaknesses, and (c) in having courage that the historical truth of Jesus is lived as a public and official faith. By using the three central muslim prayer models as his starting point, the author shows the difference between ecclesial witnessing and the Islamic faith: in their different perceptions of history, sin and the person. Since Christians respect Muslims they have a commitment not to keep silent regarding the scandal of the Gospel.

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Christians and Muslims; Christian witnessing; Muslims and prayer; the Church and prayer; inter-religious dialogue

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