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New media and new arts

Aleksandra Brakus ; Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, Serbia

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A. Brakus, "Novi mediji i nove umjetnosti", In medias res, vol.2, br. 2, str. 214-220, 2013. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 06.08.2021.]

The Art can awake the deepest human emotions, give pleasure, amuses attracts and persuades in different ways. Music, theatre performances, paintings, films, novels, poetry, ect. It presents the structure of our feelings and believes. Nowadays we live in a world of global communications, in a world where visual prevailed. Technological means of communications, as well as mass media will continue to grow and bringing us unimaginable possibilities. Man always needed means of communicate, a the art, to communication to the world. New frameworks and requirements that provide information and communications technology give the appearance of new forms of art. The Internet is a place where artists who use new technology achievements, can present their work, discus about them and start a new cooperation. The Visual Museums are the museums that exist only in the visual world. Digital technology has introduced changes in the way of conservation of the museum collection. The studies show that these museums attract more visitors than the real museums. The biggest advantages of virtual museums is that they are available to everyone who posses the Internet. With all these qualities that virtual museums have, it is considered that cannot completely replace the traditional museum, but they can amend.

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art; internet; digital technology

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