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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.63 Prosinac 2013.

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Gore vamь knižnici: the government of interjections in the Croatian glagolitic texts

Ana Kovačević ; Staroslavenski institut, Zagreb

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Kovačević, A. (2013). Gore vamь knižnici: rekcija uzvika u hrvatskoglagoljskim tekstovima. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (63), 55-81. Preuzeto s

The article examines and analyses the lamentation interjections in the corpus of the Croatian glagolitic texts excerpted for the Dictionary of the Croatian redaction of the Church Slavonic language. According to the analyzed material, the lamentation interjections are the most numerous and the most varied subgroup of interjections, and it includes eight interjections: a, gore, ĵo, oime, oh’, uvi, êo and û. In comparison with other interjections, they are distinguished by the fact that, in most cases, they are not only syntactically independent but can control an adjunct in dative or genitive case. Along with that grammatical feature, i. e. the government of interjections, the article sets forth and exemplifies two other points: firstly, the recategorization of the lamentation interjections; secondly, the relation of the analyzed examples with the situation in the Latin and Greek text sources as well as in the Old Church Slavonic language.

Ključne riječi
interjections; government of interjections; dative; genitive; Croatian glagolitic texts; Croatian Church Slavonic language

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