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Optimization of the Pasman island crossing

Jure Radić
Zlatko Šavor
Goran Puž

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APA 6th Edition
Radić, J., Šavor, Z. i Puž, G. (2002). Optimalizacija prijelaza na otok Pašman. Građevinar, 54 (02.), 65-78. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Radić, Jure, et al. "Optimalizacija prijelaza na otok Pašman." Građevinar, vol. 54, br. 02., 2002, str. 65-78. Citirano 25.09.2020.
Chicago 17th Edition
Radić, Jure, Zlatko Šavor i Goran Puž. "Optimalizacija prijelaza na otok Pašman." Građevinar 54, br. 02. (2002): 65-78.
Radić, J., Šavor, Z., i Puž, G. (2002). 'Optimalizacija prijelaza na otok Pašman', Građevinar, 54(02.), str. 65-78. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 25.09.2020.)
Radić J, Šavor Z, Puž G. Optimalizacija prijelaza na otok Pašman. Građevinar [Internet]. 2002 [pristupljeno 25.09.2020.];54(02.):65-78. Dostupno na:
J. Radić, Z. Šavor i G. Puž, "Optimalizacija prijelaza na otok Pašman", Građevinar, vol.54, br. 02., str. 65-78, 2002. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 25.09.2020.]

Former studies of the future link with the Pasman island, and three alternatives of the new preliminary design of this bridge, are presented. New solutions are analyzed through comparison with some significant sea crossings already realized in other European countries. The described preliminary designs differ according to the type of structure and the size of principal spans, but all of them coincide in the use of concrete as a dominant construction material. The authors point to the remaining open questions, namely to those relating to the required safe overhead clearance.

Ključne riječi
Pasman island; crossing; optimization; preliminary design; type of structure; safe overhead clearance

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