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Acta stomatologica Croatica, Vol.48 No.2 Srpanj 2014.


Forensic Science: 20 Years of Forensic Dentistry at the University of Zagreb, 1994 - 2014

Hrvoje Brkić ; School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

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Brkić, H. (2014). Forensic Science: 20 Years of Forensic Dentistry at the University of Zagreb, 1994 - 2014. Acta stomatologica Croatica, 48(2). doi:10.15644/asc48/2.96
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Brkić, H. (2014). Forenzične znanosti: 20 godina forenzične stomatologije na Sveučilištu u Zagrebu, 1994. – 2014.. Acta stomatologica Croatica, 48(2). doi:10.15644/asc48/2.96

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Data from available literature point to an early beginning of Forensic Dentistry in Croatia relating to a post-mortem examination of a female patient after a dental procedure in the 1930s. Later on, there were several mass casualties due to collisions and airplane crashes and a railway accident at the Zagreb Main Railway Station wherein
the identity of the victims was established based on dental features. Foreign experts in forensics helped identify those victims, particularly
forensic dentists because this specialty was almost unknown in our region at the time. During the twenty-year period of the development
of Forensic Dentistry at the University of Zagreb, the School of Dental
Medicine, the city of Zagreb and Croatia have become internationally
recognised on the forensic map of the world.

Ključne riječi
Forensic Dentistry; Dental Identification; University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine

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