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Social Perspective of Ecofeminism

Ivanka Buzov

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In this work we focused on social ecofeminism and its critique of domination that polemized with basic views of Murray Bookchinʹs feminist and social ecology theory. The vision of the liberation of women, social equality and social justice are closely connected with the affirmation of degraded and inferior space of inhuman nature. The ecofeminist ethics is promoted here, based on partnership in its nature, liberated from the dualism of Western intellectual thought and gender bias on woman and nature. The social ecofeminism puts the thesis on the connection between woman and nature in the context
of socially constructed patriarchal society, oppression and domination over woman, reinforcing the feminist critique of the patriarchal society, social dominations and hierarchies. It also accepts the basic principle of social ecology according to which domination naturally comes out of manʹs domination over man, thus being the primary goal in society. Social ecofeminism connects the domination of woman and nature with race and class domaination, and supports a radical opposition to the existing social institutions founded in this domination system.
The problem of human inequality and affirmation of social justice is now being regenerated through social drifts of ecofeminism that connects the vision of gender, class, race and liberation of all those who do not fit the common social normality norms with affirmation of degraded and inferior space of inhuman nature.

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dialectic naturalism; domination; ecofeminism; ecology; ethics; nature; social ecology; social ecofeminism; woman

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