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Mohan S. Kashikar ; Department of Political Science, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur, India

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This paper explores the performance appraisal system in government in India and suggests some systemic reforms. In India, government is the major employer. Performance of the government is the sum of the performances of the individuals or the constituents through whom it functions. A review of the bureaucracy’s performance is crucial today to bring refinement, improve quality and get better results. Performance appraisal would help the Indian civil servants to know their own strengths and weaknesses. The system of performance appraisal in India is a tool of control rather than of development. It is vague, subjective, control-oriented, cumbersome, sometimes biased, and devoid of basic guidelines. It is suggested that the performance appraisal system should follow two-in-one objective – development of the policies & programmes through optimization of performance and potentialities of the officers. Secondly, it should be future-oriented rather than merely control-oriented. There should be proper classification of the bureaucracy as per the level and separate forms should be devised for each category. All forms, however, should invariably contain some common components – record of critical incidents, self-assessment component and report of potentialities. There should be clear guidelines for all officers regarding the targets and standards. It should be development-oriented, time-bound, and confined to two levels.

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civil service – India; performance appraisal; confidential reports; efficiency bar; administrative reform

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