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Lada Badurina ; Pedagoški fakultet, Rijeka

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Examining the Croatian orthography, based mostly on phonological principle, it is necessary to connect it to the Serbian orthography which is also phonological. At this point attention should be paid to two things: a) Phonographical orthographical principle is confirmed in Croatian tradition in the period before Vuk Karađić, b) Croatian phonological orthography in many things differs from the Serbian one. Although Croatian and Serbian orthographical tradition coincide - both of them are basically phonological - they are only different in the sense of the presence of morphonological aspect. Moreover, direct attempts to standardise these two orthographical principles (Croatian and Serbian), arranged according to "pravopisno uputstvo" (1929) and Novi Sad orthography (1960) were not able to erase these differences.

Croatian orthography; Serbian ortography; phonological principle; morphonological principle

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