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Simple Verb Forms in Hrvoje’s Missal

Josip Galić   ORCID icon ; Odjel za kroatistiku i slavistiku Sveučilišta u Zadru HR-23000 Zadar Obala Kralja Petra Krešimira IV 2

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Galić J. Simple Verb Forms in Hrvoje’s Missal. Slovo [Internet]. 2014 [pristupljeno 20.01.2020.];(64):79-151. Dostupno na:
J. Galić, "Simple Verb Forms in Hrvoje’s Missal", Slovo, vol., br. 64, str. 79-151, 2014. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 20.01.2020.]

In this paper the simple verb forms in Hrvoje’s Missal are analysed. They
are compared to the corresponding characteristics of the verb system in the texts of Vatican codex Illirico 4, Novak’s Missal and Roč Missal, as well as to the research results of the Croatian medieval liturgical and non liturgical texts, including the canonical Old Church Slavonic texts. The analysis is conducted mainly on the morphological level, and to the extent allowed by the attested simple verb forms, the phonological and lexical features in Hrvoje’s Missal are also analysed.
The comparison with the parallel texts shows that on the morphological
level the Old Church Slavonic patterns are well preserved, while on the
lexical level and on the phonological level in particular, a certain frequency and consistency of more recent elements are present. In the present tense the Croatian ending -m(ь) is attested only three times in the thematic verbs in the 1st sg. and the ending -š(ь) only nine times in the 2nd sg. The cases in which the elimination of the fi nal -tь in the 3rd sg. occurs are more frequent. The ending -mo in the 1st pl. is very rare and, except in the present, it is attested also in the aorist and imperfect tenses and in the imperative mood. The asigmatic aorist is well attested. The imperative forms show the tendency of spreading of the formant -i- to the verbs of e-conjugation in plural and dual.
Participles have preserved the old formation patterns. The formant -uĉ- is very rarely attested in the nominative singular of the masculine gender in the active present participle. The most important innovation is relatively high frequency of the ending -oga/-ega in the genitive singular of the masculine and neuter genders in the active present participle and the past passive participle.

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Croatian Church Slavonic language; Hrvoje’s missal; simple verb forms

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