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The (Non)-Science of Gender Theory

Ivan Poljaković   ORCID icon ; University of Zadar
Goran Dodig ; Psychiatric Clinic Hospital of Split, Croatia

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APA 6th Edition
Poljaković, I. i Dodig, G. (2015). (Ne)znanstvenost rodne teorije. Crkva u svijetu, 50 (1), 33-56. Preuzeto s
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Poljaković I, Dodig G. (Ne)znanstvenost rodne teorije. Crkva u svijetu [Internet]. 2015 [pristupljeno 14.05.2021.];50(1):33-56. Dostupno na:
I. Poljaković i G. Dodig, "(Ne)znanstvenost rodne teorije", Crkva u svijetu, vol.50, br. 1, str. 33-56, 2015. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 14.05.2021.]

Gender theory developed within the feministic and LGTB field
of studies in the 1970s, and was later accepted by other disciplines
within the arts and social sciences. Today it is studied as an
interdisciplinary science. Gender theory has developed a system of
values from which it follows that sex as a biological determinant
does not have a major influence on gender; moreover, it is created
through the process of socialisation and culturation, often due
to pressure from a patriarchal society. Thus, gender is a social construct, not a biological condition. This paper provides a critical
analysis of gender theory, and it demonstrates that gender theory
has no foundation in empirical science, which is an unavoidable
factor in the research of human sexuality.

Ključne riječi
sex and gender; gender theory; empirical science; homosexuality

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