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Nova Bukovica - Sjenjak 2006.

Saša Kovačević

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In the course of 2006, the Institute of Archaeology continued the systematic archaeological excavation of the settlements from the periods of the Late Bronze and Late Iron Age in Nova Bukovica on the site Sjenjak near Slatina, for the ninth season.
In the research 2006, a range of new archaeological objects were discovered, among which the remains of an over-ground object with an irregular ground plan − Object 1 − (Fig. 1.) are to be mentioned in particular. The object is placed in the immediate proximity of rectangular hut alike objects (5 in number), which had been explored in the previous years. The newly discovered object is assumed to have functioned as a livestock pen. Object 1 in the south has a round part with the diameter of about 4 m, which is prolonged in the direction of north-south and southwest-northeast into two series of columns, balustrades, in the shape of a crater. Most of the post hols which form the object are of a similar diameter (about 40 cm) and of a similar depth (about 20 cm). The low depth of some of the objects is a direct consequence of permanent damagings of the site on grounds of intensive husbandry.
Besides the above mentioned, a more considerable appearance of waste pits from the period of the Late Bronze Age as well as some which culturally belong to the Late La Tène (Fig. 2.), is to be pointed out. Two rather deep (around 2m depth) and rather narrow cylindrical pits, covered with several earth fills, should be mentioned in particular, because they were rich in finds, in the first place hand made La Tène ceramics. Among other finds, the repeated find of cinder clumps is to be mentioned, which points to certain metallurgic activity within the settlement in Nova Bukovica; as well as a dark blue glass bracelet fragment from the Late La Tène, which is of chronological importance.

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settlements; Drava valley; Late Bronze and Late Iron Age; excavation 2006

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