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Jan Čižek

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Environmental agriculture covers the technologies of farming production that are decreasing or totally removing the negative impacts on living milieu, i.e. environment. The motivation is arising from the awareness of the necessity of environmental protection and improvement of health.
Environmental agriculture covers different forms of production, but with the same general purpose, therefore the term organic and biologic agriculture is gradually becoming more accepted.
At the very beginning of this century particular scientists are beginning to warn that agricultural science and practice are continuing in the "wrong direction".
In the first decade of this century the "organic farming" is beginning to develop. The technology has become recognised after the publishing of the book "Testament of Agriculture" by Albert Howard, all resulting in the founding of the British Soil Association, the first of the kind in Europe.
In the twenties of this century the philosopher Rudolph Steiner, who developed the theory "anthroposophy", has been lecturing on "bio-dynamic agriculture". His system is based not only on theories of natural sciences, but is also strongly relying on spiritual and humanistic sciences.
In Switzerland, during the thirties, a slightly different concept has been developing, created by the biologist Muller and pedologist Rush who have been showing predilection towards organic and biologic farming: they have noted the farmers were relying more and more on the application of production means not to be found within the estates, while by the proper use of the farm means the foreign investments can be decreased and a closed system of production on the estate be developed.
It is important to note and pour the answers to: what is the organic and biologic agriculture, why introduce organic and biologic agriculture, what is the present and future of the organic and biologic agriculture in the world and in our country.

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agriculture science; environmental agriculture; environmental farming; organic and biologic farming; organic and biologic foodstuffs; research; tuition

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