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Stjepan Orešković ; Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb

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If we compare the mechanisms of turning on the organic alarm to
inform us of pathological changes in individual organism with the reaction of
mankind to the changes in collective organism, it is possible to note the
significant analogy. The interest of the mankind for the healthy functioning of
the society and un-disturbed development of bio-cenosis is appearing at
a greater extent only with the signs of the world pathology. Both systems are
irreversible, not allowing the return to the previous condition; the collective
organism, existing in bio-cenosis, is much more entangled. The death of an
individual represents the end of life but not the end of species. Therefore the
mistakes can be corrected, the species can be learning through the mistakes,
diseases and weaknesses of an individual. If we transpose the model of thinking
completely to the collective organism, the model consisting of looking for the answer for the healthy through the pathological may even bring death to
collective organism and its external environment. The approach to the
development of the collective organism and natural environment (oikology)
cannot build upon the pathology paradigm as it was starting the research on the
growth and function of organism only as the interest for dysfunctions and
irregularities in the development of tissues (teratology).

Ključne riječi
collective organism; evolution epistemology; sustainable development; teratology

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