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Barbara Verlič Dekleva ; University of Ljubljana, Faculty for Humanistic sciences, Ljubljana

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APA 6th Edition
Verlič Dekleva, B. (1993). SLOVENCI, EKOLOGIJA I POLITIKA. Socijalna ekologija, 2 (4), 579-590. Preuzeto s
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Verlič Dekleva, Barbara. "SLOVENCI, EKOLOGIJA I POLITIKA." Socijalna ekologija 2, br. 4 (1993): 579-590.
Verlič Dekleva, B. (1993). 'SLOVENCI, EKOLOGIJA I POLITIKA', Socijalna ekologija, 2(4), str. 579-590. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 30.10.2020.)
Verlič Dekleva B. SLOVENCI, EKOLOGIJA I POLITIKA. Socijalna ekologija [Internet]. 1993 [pristupljeno 30.10.2020.];2(4):579-590. Dostupno na:
B. Verlič Dekleva, "SLOVENCI, EKOLOGIJA I POLITIKA", Socijalna ekologija, vol.2, br. 4, str. 579-590, 1993. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 30.10.2020.]

Among many other ex-socialist countries, Slovenia is no
exception concerning the great extent of environmental problems. Nevertheless,
there is very little or no connection between the real extent of the
environmental problem and public or local opinion about it. Even more, public
discontent with the quality of air increased significantly during the last
seven years, while the research results indicate that the quality of air is
improving. Two stages of mind can be analyzed: subjective, laic perception and
professional estimation.
Comparable data (Public opinion poll 1980/90 and Quality of Life
Research 1984/91) show that the Slovenian population environmental concern
raised almost twice on average during the last seven years. Environmental
movement though has been more effective as a "civil" social movement, operating
in the political opposition. Environmental issue promoted the social and
political criticism in the late 80s, rather than the active environmental
awareness itself.

Ključne riječi
ecology; ecological awareness; public; laymen; politics; Slovenia; experts

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