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Gossip about the Architect Adolf Loos

Tihomil Stahuljak ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu

Puni tekst: njemački, pdf (42 MB) str. 115-126 preuzimanja: 170* citiraj
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In this paper it is primarily stated that the architects Adolf Loos from Vienna and Viktor Kovačić from Zagreb must have met in Vienna around 1905. The objects related to this friendship found postmortem in Kovačić's legacy are also discussed: three photographs of Loos made by Kovačić; three letters by Leopold Bauer against Loos sent to Kovačić; a letter by a love-lorn Peter Altenberg addressed to Kovačić instead of his beloved one; a drawing of Loos' Villa Karma completed by the architect Hugo Ehrlich, who informed Kovačić in Zagreb about the undertaking from Loos' café Capua in Vienna.
Loos himself would sometimes write in cafés to Arnold Schönberg and put his words down into Kovačić's notebook. Kovačić used to copy some of Loos' things into his notebook. Oskar Kokoschka once drew Loos writing or sketching something. Kovačić managed to get a drawing of Loos by Kokoschka, today watched over by the Croatian Academy of Science and Arts.
Only once did Loos visit Zagreb. At that time Zagreb was still without Sunk's Milinov Hotel and what Loos liked best at Jelačić square was the old hospital of the brothers of charity behind the statue of the Vice-Roy. Loos did not win the competition for the Esplanade Hotel. Vienna did not forget the winner Sunk, but Zagreb did.

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