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Hodonymy of Gospić

Ivica Mataija   ORCID icon ; Državni arhiv u Gospiću

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I. Mataija, "Gospićka hodonimija", Folia onomastica Croatica, vol., br. 23, str. 143-158, 2014. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 21.11.2019.]

On the basis of available sources, this paper elaborates on the process of denomination and renaming of the streets of Gospić within the historical and political context in which those processes took place. The introductory part, in which the theme is theoretically and methodologically defined, is followed by a description of the historical context in which Gospić developed, of the preservation status and availability of resources for the study of its hodonymy, as well as a description, analysis and synthesis of the process of naming of streets and squares in Gospić, and a list of name changes.

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Gospić; name; hodonymy; street; square

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