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Ethics of “third person” and moral values

Luka Tomašević ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split

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Man is being who is orientated to the other and lives in the
community. He also creates morality and moral relations. When
these relations are set in norms, when they are entered into the
code of conduct, then it comes to ethics. Therefore, ethics is understood as a normative science of human acts, a science that allows
people to find the difference between what they are and what they
could be. Ethics from its beginnings (Aristotle) is based on thelos
(orientation) and the innate respect for the unwritten law. Christianity has nicely accepted that foundation of ethics, with the
difference that Christianity recognizes God as a creator of nature
and man. From the time of modernism onwards, morality started
to base itself on man and reason. That was the beginning of natural morality and secularism. In the late fifties post-morality phase
began and that was also the beginning of the crisis of our culture.
There were so called “ethics of third person” (Nagel), which brought new values to life and the world, but have caused the disintegration of moral values.These are the ethics of utilitarianism, ethics of speech, and ethics of contractualism. These ethics favour an “easy” life and diminish the personal responsibility for the world and our own actions. This resulted in our ethics of the “market” society that is characterized by moral permissiveness both in medicine and healthcare.

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human being; morality; ethics; society; medicine; healthcare; value

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