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Preliminary communication


Božo Lujić   ORCID icon ; Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Zagreb

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Lujić, B. (2015). PROROČKA RIJEČ U STVARANJU OTVORENE ANTROPOLOGIJE. Mostariensia, 19 (1), 69-82. Retrieved from
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The paper is based on the prophetic theology which is primarily the theology of God’s word. A prophet receives God’s word as a call. Over time, it becomes less and less outer and more inner prophet’s reality that does not use only the prophet’s mouth but also his heart as the core of his being, thus turning him into a new man. The new anthropology will come neither from social nor political reality but from the depths of the human being touched by the divine reality.
Such findings were presented and analyzed in the paper in several examples from prophetic theology of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, God’s servant. Their examples showed how onopropheticum became more humanum, and vice versa. It was only in the New Testament theology that in the person of Jesus Christ the two realities merged into a new open anthropology. This new anthropology is marked by the openness of one’s own being to the others or to completely different ones, breaking thus the monadic closure of a modern conception of man.

Word of God; prophet; person; anthropology; openness; solidarity; times; impersonated

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