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At the wellspring of the humanism ff John Paul II.

Alfred Wierzbicki ; Katoličko sveučilište u Lublinu, Lublin, Poljska

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A. Wierzbicki, "Na izvorima humanizma Ivana Pavla II.", Obnovljeni Život, vol.58, br. 2, str. 151-165, 2003. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 15.06.2021.]

In his twenty-five year ministry in the Church John Paul II has been tirelessly preaching hope to contemporary man, who is living on the edge of despair. The Pope's message of hope is grounded in the revelation of Christ in whom the truth about man is perceived. In man's act of faith in Jesus Christ there is an encounter between that which is absolute in man and that which is human in God. In Jesus Christ the Redeemer man encounters the love which loves each man. This truth is the precondition for man's transcendence. Without it one cannot achieve the actualization attainable only through love. Contemplation of this fundamental truth has a particularly profound existential-practical meaning for Pope John Paul II. Namely, the truth is the normative principle of morality, and the only appropriate response to the apprehension of the truth is submission. Thus, freedom in this context represents man's self-actualization in truth. It is from this perspective that John Paul II urges postmodern man to relinquish the "life of bondage," which was forced upon him by a culture of rationalism, thus confining him within the limits of his reason and that which he has produced. He urges man to yield to the hope revealed by Jesus Christ.

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