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Peristil : zbornik radova za povijest umjetnosti, Vol.45 No.1 Prosinac 2002.

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Vedutte Painted on Porcelain — from the Collection of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb

Marina Bagarić ; Muzej za umjetnost i obrt Zagreb

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (27 MB) str. 155-165 preuzimanja: 43* citiraj
Bagarić, M. (2002). Slikarstvo veduta na porculanu iz Muzeja za umjetnost i obrt u Zagrebu. Peristil : zbornik radova za povijest umjetnosti, 45(1), 155-165. Preuzeto s

Soon after the appearance of the vedutte as an independent genre in »monumental painting« of the 18 century, cityscapes become a part of the repertoire of painting departments of the European porcelain manufactures. The best among porcelain manufacture painters painted all kinds of vistas: view of entire cities, of city parts, individual monuments, archeological sites. They used as models the works by the best veduttisti of the time: Canaletto, Belotto, Thiele, and Pannini, engravings of less known artists, and, finally, at the end of the 18 and the beginning of the 19'" century, then very popular illustrated travelogues. Porcelain items bearing vedutte would become a part of commercial souvenir offering of a city, marked as an obligatory stop in the itineraries of the 18th and the 19 century.

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