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Devastating Factors of Marriage and Family

Ivan Koprek ; Institute of Philosophy and Theology of Society of Jesus, Zagreb, Croatia

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In the context of time in which we live, human thought and action unfold in multiple destructive ways. »Destruction« means demolition, disintegration, decomposition, devastation, waste, decay,extermination and actually death. In various anthropological reductionisms, today we depart from the healthy image of the human being. We are witnessing the destruction of the human being and his environment. We can see hatred and violence are openly promoted – »the culture of death«. Postmodernism, as we mark our time, supports the idea of destruction or deconstruction. Binary opposites are compared by deconstruction and instead of describing their »rigid categorization«, deconstruction wants to show how such opposites are actually mixed and how many of them are inseparable. Overlaps which decompose reality are visible everywhere. The thesis that culture is a socio-historical construction is almost tacitly accepted. At the same time there is a celebration of diversity. It is said that the identities are changing, dynamic, fluid and hybrid... This spiritual situation of our time leads to disintegration of marriage and the family as the basic cell of society. Today, marriage and the family are in the crossfire of various dangers. Marriage and family are experiencing a serious crisis and are subjected to unfair manipulation that aims to diminish their importance and destroy them. Indeed, many today lead an open war against marriage and the family from their political, economic and other, in particular, ideological beliefs (Pope Francis speaks of »ideological colonization«). There are three ideologies that should be especially emphasised: communism, feminism and genderism. Communist ideology is actually a kind of mixture of materialism and evolutionism. It started its destruction of marriage and family through F. Engels’s ideas (»The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State«!). By depriving the human being of his/her spiritual potential, communism found, in excerpts of neo-Marxist philosophers of »Frankfurt School«, allies in the revolution tyranny of the body, which ended in unbridled sexual mania in the generation of ‘68. Communism has mixed with Freudian psychoanalysis and, through Marxist ideology, opened space for new destruction of marriage and family. First through feminism that is, as a result of the Industrial Revolution of the late 19th and early 20th century, begun in the industrialized countries of the West. Namely, the development of machines increasingly removed the need for human labour and gradually eliminated the advantages that men had over women. Women have since begun increasingly to involve themselves in the production process. Women became independent and turned against men... By de-masculinity of society family has lost its head. Feminism has opened up opportunities for new breakthroughs. Ideas emerged that identity can be achieved only through norms imposed by society and culture. Thus in its final form feminism was presented as an ideology of genderism or »gender theory«. »Gender theory« emerged in the radical circle of international feminist and LGBT activists and by using language and other manipulations it almost destroyed the marriage and family in thirty years. Ideological dismantling of the family with the great support of the media often hides behind the scenes of beautiful words, such as »human rights«, »interest of children«, »protection of women«... With the aforementioned ideological, there are many other internal factors that destroy marriage and the family, such as: human selfishness, unwillingness and inability to communicate, maritalinfidelity, various addictions such as alcoholism, gambling...

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marriage; family; postmodernism; »culture of death«; »ideological colonialism«; feminism; »gender theory«; genderism

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