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The Lovran Cemetery

Daina Glavočić ; Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia

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The cemetery is physical and territorial document of the history of each place where it is established, but also the document of the
autochthons or newcomers, the witness of the flow of historical-political changes which reflect themselves in the shape of family
vaults, changes of the epitaph languages, surnames – in short: the cemetery is identity card of each and every place.
The subject of the article is review of the start of micro urbane zone of location and shape of the Lovran Cemetery from the art
historians’ point of view, with the special accent on the architecture and sculpture of tombstones showing at least slightest traces of
stylistic characteristics, their changes through the time of the last two centuries. The position, vegetation, and urban location of the
graveyard make the picture of its formation, culture and the local inhabitants’ relationship towards this site of common remembrance.
According to the type, shape or style of the tombstones we can conclude about their owners and commissioners, the economic or
social position of the local families.

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Cemetery; tombstone; family vault; Lovran

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