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Selections from the correspondence of Alviz Geniceo (1976-1841)

Ljerka Šimunković

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APA 6th Edition
Šimunković, Lj. (2015). Iz korespondencije Alviža Genicea (1967. – 1841.). Adrias, (21), 31-38. Preuzeto s
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Lj. Šimunković, "Iz korespondencije Alviža Genicea (1967. – 1841.)", Adrias, vol., br. 21, str. 31-38, 2015. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 31.05.2020.]

Except for treasuring precious memories, Geniceo`s heritage contains also his correspondence, a part of which has, fortunately, been preserved. After examining the letters, it is apparent that Geniceo exchanged letters with numerous prominent individuals of his time. The correspondence can be easily divided into letters written by Geniceo himself, and the letters written to him by others. Geniceo`s letters to his friends in Dalmatia – the Garagnin brothers and Nikola Pappafava, were written in Italian, and the letters he received were written in Italian, French, German and Latin. Although only a segment of his correspondence was preserved, the letters bear witness to Geniceo`s acquaintances and friendships with eminent individuals – politicians, high nobility, bankers etc., money he owned and the influence he exerted on the members of the aristocracy. Therefore, they indirectly confirm a number of statements from his book of memoirs, which would, without the letters to support it, would seem as a figment of imagination.

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Alviz Geniceo; adventurer; correspondence; book of memoirs; high society; aesthete

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