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Journal of computing and information technology, Vol.6 No.2 Lipanj 1998.


Guest Editor's Introduction

Sven Lončarić ; Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia

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Lončarić, S. (1998). Guest Editor's Introduction. Journal of computing and information technology, 6(2), I-II. Preuzeto s

It is my pleasure to announce the Special Issue on Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis of the Journal of Computing and Information Technology (CIT). In 1997, I was offered to be a Guest Editor of a special issue on the topic of my professional interest. Soon after, I became an Editor of the CIT Journal so now I am writing this editorial in a double role. The editorial philosophy of the CIT journal is twofold. First, CIT publishes papers from a wide area of computing and information technologies attracting authors from different fields and encouraging interdisciplinary interaction. Secondly, CIT publishes special issues to focus on various fields of scientific and professional interest, in such a way being able to serve researchers in narrowly specialized areas.

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