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Notes on the oeuvre of Serafin Schön

Nina Kudiš ; Filozofski fakultet Sveučilišta u Rijeci

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N. Kudiš, "Novosti o slikarstvu Serafina Schöna", Peristil, vol.40, br. 1, str. 81-90, 1997. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 30.07.2021.]

Painter Seraphin Schon was a Franciscan monk who spent his active carrier (1631-1642) in the Franciscan monastery on Trsat close to Rijeka, where he left almost the whole his opus. In this article N. Kudiš states that Schon's works demonstrate that he was the follower of Paolo Piazza, venetian painter who after becoming the Capuchin monk spent several years in the Middle European countries, In Schon's paintings she also detects rather significant influence of Bavarian painter Hans Rottenhammer. It has been already know that Schon used prints for some of his compositions, but the author has discovered several new examples of this procedure in the monk's oeuvre. It is significant that the painter almost exclusively used the prints of the "northern" (non Italian) engravers like Goltzius, Cort and Johan Sadeler. At present we know of only one case in which he used a print by Agostino Carracci — for the scene of Descent from the Cross in the cloister of the Trsat monastery. According to the author one more painting in the Franciscan monastery on Trsat could be ascribed to Serafin Schon (altrought it was later repainted). It is the Virgin with Child, St. Anne and John the Baptist situated in the chapel witnih the monastery.

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