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Croatian incunabula

Šime Jurić

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Croatian incunabula
The fifteenth century is a period of great trials in Croatian countries: struggle for survival against Turkish hordes daily devastated and destroyed different parts of Croatia enslaving or killing its peaceful inhabitants. At the same Venetians were systematically seizing parts of the Dalmatian coast. Notwithstanding this tragic situation Croatian people continued with their creative work keeping abreast with contemporary achievements. This activity was either developed in the remaining free parts of their country or in exile where the Croats were forced by their enemy's violence. 150 incunabula (including the glagolitic editio princeps, the Misal of 1483) the authors (writers, translators, editors etc.) as well as the printers of the publishers of which were Croats are the most evident proof of the great cultural effort and the contribution of Croatian people to the European culture of that period. The author summarizes the above mentioned incunabula deviding them into three groups: a)incunabula written in Croatian or Old Chirch Slavonic, b) incunabula written by Croatian authors but in other languages (Latin or Italian), c) incunabula printed and published abroad the Croatian printers nad publishers. This article is just a preliminary version of a more extensive work on this subject.

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