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The Interior of Villa Frangeš

Nina Gazivoda ; Grad Zagreb, Gradski zavod za zaštitu spomenika kulture i prirode

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N. Gazivoda, "Interijer vile Frangeš, Rokov perivoj 2", Peristil, vol.47, br. 1, str. 115-133, 2004. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 18.04.2021.]

In 1910 Viktor Kovačić designed a villa at the abandoned cemetery of St. Rok for the sculptor Robert Frangeš-Mihanović and his wife Ženka. This building is a truly beautiful example of transposition of the English country house, of its corpus, interior and garden. The house also signifies a link between Kovačić and Frangeš on the one side, and Bolle and Zagreb Cathedral on the other.
The interior, rich and full of reminiscences, was provided with baroque furniture, with copies of old furniture, and with furniture designed in the School of Arts and Crafts; by paintings of the contemporaries and friends — such as 0. Iveković, N. Mašić, N. Roje, S. Raškaj, B. Čikoš Sesija, I. Tišov, F. Quiquerez; by drawings by Hegedušić, as well as works by other artists; by 18 and 19 century icons, baroque sculptures of evangelists, angels, and saints,as well as by Robert's and Ženka's own sculptures.
The salon and the dining room were, according to preserved plans, lined with wooden revetment which, as well as the built-in furniture, was made from fragments of original Renaissance and Baroque figured woodwork from the furniture of the old Zagreb Cathedral and the Franciscan monastery in Klanjec. The revetment continues all along the walls of the dining-room and salon producing an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth. Parts of such revetment can also be found in two other rooms, originally bedrooms of the villa. The design of the revetment of the salon and the dining-room, executed with minimal changes to the original material, is an exceptional contribution to well thought-out and well executed design.

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