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Review article

Acute mastoiditis in children

Neven Turkalj ; General hospital Varaždin, Croatia, ENT department
Tajana Gudlin Sbull ; General hospital Varaždin, Croatia, ENT department
Dražen Shejbal ; General hospital Varaždin, Croatia, ENT department

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N. Turkalj, T. Gudlin Sbull and D. Shejbal, "Acute mastoiditis in children", Medica Jadertina, vol.45, no. 3-4, pp. 127-130, 2015. [Online]. Available: [Accessed: 23 September 2021]

Acute mastoiditis and antritis in children is a severe complication of acute otitis media, very common pathology in the young population. Children younger than 3 years had higher incidence of antritis than older ones. Despite adequate antibiotic therapy, or in some countries widespread pneumococcal vaccination, the incidence of acute mastoiditis is not decreasing. Streptococcus pneumoniae is an isolated pathogen from majority samples, a big number of microbiological samples stay sterile and anaerobes have higher incidence of intracranial complications.
The suggested antibiotic therapy is third generation of cephalosporine, adapted after microbiological results. Surgery treatment is indicated by patient deterioration regardless of antibiotic therapy and the occurring complications which are rare but life threatening. If there is no improvement in conservative therapy, the general condition is very bad, or in presence of complications surgical treatment is necessary.
This review is based on recent studies on incidence, causes and acute mastoiditis treatment. The pathophysiology and symptoms of the disease are described and in showing the case our way of solving complications is described.

acute mastoiditis; children; microbiology; therapy

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