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Creativity in Teaching

Branka Perić ; OŠ

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The modern way of life asks for independence, responsibility and creativity from an individual. Therefore, the task of education is to develop creative and critical thinking in students. A survey on student attitudes about creativity was conducted among 78 students from OŠ Gradac. The results show that students associate creativity with something positive, interesting and delightful. They also strongly associate it with subjects that imply practical work. It is suggested that highly structured activities help them be creative, and they also take into consideration teacher's opinion about their work. Adding to that, students believe that there should be more opportunity for students to be creative in all school subjects without exception.
We think that education has to be a process which develops a child's personality and talents, as well as mental and physical abilities. It seems that education system and initial teacher training mostly neglect critical and creative thinking. In that way a considerable improvement in developing creativity in schools cannot be achieved.

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concepts of creativity; creativity; critical thinking; education; learning

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