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Secession in Sisak

Željko Sušek ; samostalni istraživač

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (23 MB) str. 139-144 preuzimanja: 116* citiraj
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Observing great museum projects — exhibitions dedicated
to Secession, the author t r ied, taking one city, fi rst
of all it s architecture but also its social ćotality, to determine
the presence of this style in i t s »other extreme», far
from European centers,i vhere Secession had a »petty bourgeois
«rather than e/iće character. Therefore, the study uas
directed touar d quanl i tative methods and assessment of
ti>ne extension of thi s stylistic pattern rather than toward
the concentration of ićs values. Secession u>as found to have
been present for more than three decades, to be continued
as a specific provincial architect»re. Even the most t r i f le
handicraft products appear to bear secessionist sensitivily
presenting specific secessionist pro portionality, thus confirming
the creaćive contribution of the local eni'ironment
being superi>nposed oi >er the imported ideas.

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