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Lelja Dobronić ; Povijesni muzej SR Hrvatske

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Althoug/1 so»te a r c />eo/Og>cal »>>Ise«»žs lrt C>'oać>a
u ere founded as early as the beginning of the 19th century,
t>»đcr the i»f!t>c»ce of classicist trends, a>žd the National
Muse«m i>t Zagreb u'as established in 1846, at the height
of the Croatian National Revival, the past hundred odd
years can be actually considered a cent«ry of »t»seu>»s i»
Croatia. During thi s per iod, the foundation and development
of museums kept pace ivith the spiritual >novements
» t Europe, e.g., »atI>ral h>story »žuseu>ns f>ž rtatura/ sele>>ces,
/>andicraft »«tse>tm in the move>»ent of applied ar t ,
national c«!ture » t «seums (national, regional and l ocal)
in the roma»tic patriotic inćerest for oun past. Museums
of rei olution a>žd national l iberation +~ar have resulted
front progressive >novements and events before, during and
after World War 11, and rece~t modem art museums and
eollections fro>n recent ~ >is«al art tendencies and phenomena.
Muse«»ts in Croatia are a t ruc ref lection of social
realićy and cultural-scientific movements.

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