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Zdenko Balog ; Dvorana Trakošćan

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (12 MB) str. 313-316 preuzimanja: 303* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Balog, Z. (1988). Modni žurnal u Hrvatskoj na prijelazu stoljeća. Peristil, 31-32 (1), 313-316. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Balog, Zdenko. "Modni žurnal u Hrvatskoj na prijelazu stoljeća." Peristil, vol. 31-32, br. 1, 1988, str. 313-316. Citirano 17.04.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Balog, Zdenko. "Modni žurnal u Hrvatskoj na prijelazu stoljeća." Peristil 31-32, br. 1 (1988): 313-316.
Balog, Z. (1988). 'Modni žurnal u Hrvatskoj na prijelazu stoljeća', Peristil, 31-32(1), str. 313-316. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 17.04.2021.)
Balog Z. Modni žurnal u Hrvatskoj na prijelazu stoljeća. Peristil [Internet]. 1988 [pristupljeno 17.04.2021.];31-32(1):313-316. Dostupno na:
Z. Balog, "Modni žurnal u Hrvatskoj na prijelazu stoljeća", Peristil, vol.31-32, br. 1, str. 313-316, 1988. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 17.04.2021.]

Little has been xvritten on t hi s t opi c (Olga Maruševski),
thus it may appear particularly interesting within
the given conlext. As the opinion that considers the so-
called pure arts as an absolutely superior quality t o t h e
so-called applied avts has been ox>tgroum for a long t ime
nou, an account of the topic of fashion magazine can be
qx>ite freely presented invoh >ing all a>xd the some parameters
as i f xve u>ere talking abo>i ć's
cvoqx a»d Croatia since the age of Revival has been docxxmented
by Z. Marković, uhereas fashion illustrations have always
occupied quite a prominent place in fashion journalism.
In I8 95, the f i r st s p ecialized fashio>x j ournal of
European standards appeared in Zagreb. Announcing it al
the same time as an additional means in the struggle for
the nati»e language, its editovs had no intention of nxaking
it a special, authorial journal (af tev all, fashion xlluslrat
ions were repurchased fvom European agencies), but the
truth i s t hat Zagreb had i t s o>vn fashion magazine for
as long as Panska >noda persisted on the market. Over the
period elapsed to the act of Union and dunng the first years
of the new state, a feu short-lived publishing enlerprises
were «ndertake>x, u>ith some outstanding fashion contributions
in illustrated magazines. This review of the period
will be c losed by a v er y imp or tant and, i n this field,
xmrepeatable authorial uor k of Anka Kr izmanić.
co>nprehensively but i t sh o ul d b e emphasized that the
> nentioned period u as the most i n teresti>xg one i n t h e
200-year history of th e fashion j ournal medium because
of simultaneox>s conflicts and encounters of a variet y of visual art trends.

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