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Marina Vicelja ; Pedagoška akademija u Rijeci

Puni tekst: hrvatski, pdf (15 MB) str. 325-327 preuzimanja: 105* citiraj
APA 6th Edition
Vicelja, M. (1988). Prodor funkcionalizma u sakralnu arhitekturu Sušaka. Peristil, 31-32 (1), 325-327. Preuzeto s
MLA 8th Edition
Vicelja, Marina. "Prodor funkcionalizma u sakralnu arhitekturu Sušaka." Peristil, vol. 31-32, br. 1, 1988, str. 325-327. Citirano 04.08.2021.
Chicago 17th Edition
Vicelja, Marina. "Prodor funkcionalizma u sakralnu arhitekturu Sušaka." Peristil 31-32, br. 1 (1988): 325-327.
Vicelja, M. (1988). 'Prodor funkcionalizma u sakralnu arhitekturu Sušaka', Peristil, 31-32(1), str. 325-327. Preuzeto s: (Datum pristupa: 04.08.2021.)
Vicelja M. Prodor funkcionalizma u sakralnu arhitekturu Sušaka. Peristil [Internet]. 1988 [pristupljeno 04.08.2021.];31-32(1):325-327. Dostupno na:
M. Vicelja, "Prodor funkcionalizma u sakralnu arhitekturu Sušaka", Peristil, vol.31-32, br. 1, str. 325-327, 1988. [Online]. Dostupno na: [Citirano: 04.08.2021.]

At the beginning of thi s ce»tury, penetratio>i of fu»ctionalism,
a nen > artistic tendency, could be obsev> ed o»
both sacral buildi>igs aii l profane, more specifically, resiđential
architecture. But thi s phenomenon has been qiii te
inadequately vecovded in l i terature. Comprehensive analysis
of the sacral architecture of Rijeka and Sušak fro>» the
first half of the 20th centi>ry has led us t o the fol !oni»g
I) There are tno s bstantially di f ferent town plan»ing
morphologies associated n >ith tn >o once separated agglomerations.
Th>is, while in Siišak the presence of nen' arch'tectural
vocabulary can be observed on sacral monuments, in
Rijeka such traces of modem elements are pure rarities; and
2) The fi»!ctionalistic langr!age nas >!ot adopted in total,
but only some e!eme»ts carrying the style nerc taken over,
such as contemporary construction material, sivnple arcitectuval
concepts, elimi>>ation of traditional ornamenfal elements
from the space, and adopfion of t lie so-called »hygienic
tuval spatial growth at the time. Within the scope of extensive
architectural actisities, considerable attentio>i was paidto sacral construction, u>hich u >as by no means margina/
but, ounng to high/y engageg architects and civil engineers
(Buneta, Pičman, Jamnicky, Babić, etc), courageously joined
the current endeavors. Then, the projects for Saints Cyril
and Methodius' Church uer e designed, the Chapel of the
Holy Heart was enlarged and St. Theresa's Churcb constructed.
Analysis of these sacral buildings is an attempt at
re-evaluation of the social segment providing substantial
shaping features not onl y t o i t s own v i sual environment
but also to fhe overall scene of the city..

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