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Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, No.65 Prosinac 2015.

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The role of the Kratovo literary center and literary activity of protopriest Joan of Kratovo in the postbyzantine historical development of Macedonian literature

Илија Велев ; Универзитет »Св. Кирил и Методиј« Институт за македонска литература

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Велев, И. (2015). Кратовскиот книжевен центар и книжевната дејност на поп Јоан Кратовски во поствизантискиот македонски книжевноисториски развој. Slovo : časopis Staroslavenskoga instituta u Zagrebu, (65), 127-166. Preuzeto s

The post-Byzantine process of literary and historical development in Macedonia set the foundation for the continuity of medieval and Enlightment literary tradition, which planted the seed for the so-called national awakening in the reformatory 19th century. Besides the Slepche literary center, the Kratovo literary center also played a signifi cant role in this development, due to the fact that its operation refl ected the already established historical experience of the Byzantine Slavic archonship of St. Methodius of Thessaloniki in the Bregalnica-Strumica region as early as the period between 845-855 AD, as well as the revival of the Slavic Bregalnica Archbishopric by St. Clement of Ohrid and the impetus it gave to the increase of the literary processes in this region of Macedonia. This literary center was especially active from the 15th century onwards, through the involvement and efforts of renowned Macedonian literary workers such as Dimitar of Kratovo, Radonja, Gjuro and others (15th century); Father Pejo (15th/16th writer and illuminator the archpriest Joan of Kratovo (16th century); as well as Mihail of Kratovo (17th century) and Veljko Popovich (17th/18th century). The main part of the article is dedicated to the study of the archpriest Joan of Kratovo as one of the most accomplished literary workers in the literary and historical development of Macedonia.

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Macedonian literary history, Kratovo literary center, written monuments, archpriest Joan of Kratovo century); Father Lazar, archpriest Luka, Filimon and the most important

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